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Ο Βέλγος noise/industrial/technoid καλλιτέχνης με το προσωνύμιο Imminent το 2009 κυκλοφόρησε την δουλειά με τίτλο Cask Strength.  Whisky enthusiast ο ίδιος συνέκρινε την διαδικασία παραγωγής του album ως CS. Aπό τα production notes:

like any good whisky that has to mature for at least 10 years in a cask, it took the same time for this release to maturate - and it was worth awaiting the ripening. indeed the music is comparable to a cask strength whisky’s taste: raw, aggressive, powerful, without any concession or any additive to dilute it's true nature, but it also includes a lot of complexity that awaits to be discovered by a true connoisseur. straight beats interwoven with sophisticated breaks, brilliantly placed samples, intertwining powerful atmospheric synth textures and forceful distorted sequences (without inhibition) form into the sophisticated style of industrial music imminent is known and loved for. 64 minutes of music - just like a 64% abv bottled cask strength whisky contains - taste it and full satisfaction is guaranteed!




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Δεν είναι ακριβώς whisky song αλλά έχει μέσα πολύ whisky και whisky songs επίσης. Για όσους έχουν spotify, η λίστα τραγουδιών του Islay Whisky Academy η οποία και συνεχώς εμπλουτίζεται!


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The Doors - Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar)
Show me the way
To the next whiskey bar
Oh, don't ask why
Oh, don't ask why
For if we don't find
The next whiskey bar
I tell you we must die
I tell you we must die
I tell you, I tell you
I tell you we must die


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Δεν ξέρω αν είναι το σωστό σημείο αλλά εδώ είναι ένα podcast του Bob Dylan για το whiskey. Επιλέγει και διάφορα τραγούδια και προλογίζει η Diana Krall.



Diana Krall: 
It’s nighttime in the city.
There’s a hint of jasmine in the air.
A startled cat runs across the piano keys.
My neighbor keeps walking around upstairs.
A man slowly falls out of love.
It’s Theme Time Radio Hour, with your host, Bob Dylan. 

Bob Dylan intro:

Hello, friends, and welcome back to Theme Time Radio Hour. I’m your host, Bob Dylan. To paraphrase Alexandre Dumas, in “The Count of Monte Cristo,” “I’m so delighted to see you here. It makes me forget, for the moment, that all happiness is fleeting.”

You may wonder what brings us back after so long, with an all-new episode of Themes, Dreams, and Schemes. Well, the answer is simple. Recently, I met some distillers and blenders, and together we cooked up our own brand of Tennessee bourbon, double barrel, and straight rye whiskey. Maybe you’ve read about it, it’s called “Heaven’s Door.” Now, I’m not going to pull your coat too much about it, because me telling you how good it is, is like trying to tickle yourself. It just doesn’t work. You have to taste it, then it speaks for itself. But, we all thought it might be a good idea to do an episode of Theme Time all about those various amber intoxicants.

There’s no shortage of songs, and it has been fun to get the gang back together. Though it’s been so long, I’m not even sure if we should call it Theme Time Radio Hour anymore. I mean, does anybody still have a radio? Some folks might even be listening on a smart toaster. I don’t know. Theme Time Device Hour just doesn’t sound right.

The Singers and Songs

  • “Quiet Whiskey” — Wynonie Harris
  • “If the River Was Whiskey” — Charlie Poole
  • “Whiskey River” — Willie Nelson
  • “Bottleneck Blues” (excerpt) — Sylvester Weaver and Walter Beasley
  • “Whiskey Sununu Odia” — Edmund Tagoe and Frank Essien
  • “He’s Got All the Whiskey” — Bobby Charles
  • “Good Whiskey (And a Bad Woman)” — Timmie Rogers
  • “The Whiskey Makes You Sweeter” — Laura Cantrell
  • “Drinking Again” — Frank Sinatra
  • “I’ve Been Drinking” (excerpt) — Jeff Beck / Rod Stewart
  • “Corn Whiskey” — Jimmy Witherspoon
  • “Ain’t That Whiskey Hot” — Billie Harbert
  • “One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer” — Alfred Brown
  • “Rye Whiskey” — Harry Choates
  • “Coming through the Rye” — John C. Reilly
  • “Coming Through the Rye” — Julie London
  • “Mountain Dew” — The Stanley Brothers
  • “Moonshine Whiskey” — Van Morrison
  • “Bourbon from Heaven” (excerpt) — Dean Martin
  • “Mack the Knife” (excerpt )— Louis Armstrong
  • “Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar)” — Lotte Lenya
  • “Jockey Full of Bourbon “— Tom Waits
  • “Tennessee Whiskey” — George Jones
  • “Whiskey in the Jar” — Thin Lizzy
  • “The Parting Glass” — The Clancy Brothers
  • “Hangover Blues” — Byllye Williams
  • “Tuff” (excerpt) — Ace Cannon
  • “Let’s Go to the Liquor Store” — Tuff Green
  • “Top Cat” (underscore) — Hoyt Curtin
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