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HMWS welcomes our first interview with an amazing woman. (about)

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It is my birthday today and it is a great surprise to have this interview send to me with a birthday wish!

This took a long long time, but I really think it worth the effort! It was really a personal bet to start this section as this is the least we can do to say a big thank you to all our female members, especially @Ρένα @zoubov and @Χεντυ which are active and constantly contributing to our forum.

Please allow me some 1-2 days (maximum) to beautify the interview and (based on the wide acceptance of the new flipbook format) to present this also as a flipbook. 

She is an amazing person, a Whisky Icon, Master Blender and many more! 

On behalf of HMWS and Whiskyforum, I am more than happy and honored to welcome her and hopefully this interview will also bring good luck to this new section and more whisky women will add their unique flavor to our forum. 

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