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Η δεύτερη φορά που το γερμανικό St. Kilian Distillers πραγνατοποιεί αυτό το "περίεργο" ας μου επιτραπεί project δοκιμάζοντας να παλιαώσει βαρέλια όχι σε αποθήκες αλλά κάτω από το έδαφος. Μεταφέρω τα σχόλια από την σελίδα τους με κάποιες βασικές παρατηρήσεις εκ μέρους του αποστακτηρίου και επίσης κάποιες φωτό. 



News from Master Distiller:
Ground barrel maturation the second! 2
After bringing a three years of mild bottling in limited edition matured in 2020 already, this year we had the smoky version. Two 30 l barrels (AO Virgin + ex Oloroso) ripening 3 years underground. 
So much to say... this is definitely not the last bottling from this earth maturation series! 

But what exactly is it all about such terrestrial maturation and what is the added value? 
The maturation underground in approx. 1 to 1,5 m depth takes place completely without oxygen. So no oxidation of the spirits like it would be normal when maturing in the warehouse. 
This gives a completely new aroma. The barrel continues to intervene with the distillate. The wood is coming out more. 
And to that end groundwater penetrates the barrel from the earth. This transports earthy tones to the distillate. 
Of course, this water also dilutes the alcohol. Of course, you can't talk about Angels Share here. The angels are getting nothing in this case. More like the opposite is the case. Devils Share or Hells Share maybe? 
Anyway, that's it. Earth barrel maturation creates an incomparable, unique, great aroma. 
Especially with our peated version, the already earthy Peat character of our spirits is reinforced here. 
This is fun and will definitely result in more experiments of this kind in the near future! 
Goodbye and goodbye!
Your Mario Rudolf


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